Double Feature: Ostravaganza / Banuta


On this long opening evening, the theatre programme will be preceded by a double film premiere in the large auditorium of the Babylon cinema. Both times these are projects that were initially planned for the stage, then changed direction against the backdrop of the lockdown and became genuine film works. This long evening doubly harks back to the times when the word “OST” was still emblazoned in bright letters above Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz:

OSTRAVAGANZA, a production by “Opera Lab Berlin”, is a mockumentary on the subject of entertainment and the musical avant-garde in the GDR. In addition to Desirée Nick and members of the Opera Lab collective, all kinds of greats from the GDR television of the time appear here under false and real names.

BANUTA, a production of “Hauen und Stechen”, is the film adaptation of an opera of the same name by the Latvian composer Alfreds Kalniņš and bears the typical signature of this collective. After extensive use of video and film within their theatre work, “Hauen und Stechen” turned the tables here and produced a “theatre film” for the first time.

Location: Babylon – Kinosaal

Date: Mi 6.4. | 19:00 Uhr

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