Mit Volldampf zurück?


Free music theatre in pandemic and post-pandemic times

What if all restrictions were over, for the time being, could theatre be the same as it was before? The end of a state of emergency? A return, at last, to former normality? Corona has not only changed our shopping, work, education, and relationship rituals and routines, but also the new “normal” in music theatre must be different to what it used to be.

In this panel, actors from the scene reflect on their theatre works shown at the festival and ask themselves how Corona has changed their work and where this change might lead. To what extent have thematic areas, forms, and one’s own self-image changed through experiences with one’s own precarious role in society and the cultural sector during the pandemic? Which older paths will independent music theatre take up again, which will remain closed in the future? How and in what direction is independent music theatre renewing itself?

Location: Volksbühne – Grüner Salon

Date: Sa 9.4. │ 11:00 – 13:00 UHR

Free admission

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