Die BAM!-Filmrolle

During the lockdown, many artists in independent music theatre turned to the medium of film. Most of these cinematic works are now scattered on the internet, reaching a wider audience, and those who saw them did so alone at home in front of their computers.

The BAM! film reel brings a large selection of short films back from the cloud and presents them on the big screen of Babylon as part of a shared experience.

With continuous admission, the program runs non-stop and in a recurring loop from the afternoon to the evening – on Saturday even late into the night.

An invitation to fill the time before, after or between theatre visits, or to spend an entire day at the cinema.


You will find the detailed programme here: Die-BAM!-Filmrolle-Programm

Location: Babylon – Kinosaal

FR 8.4. | 15:00 – 19:00 Uhr
SA 9.4. | 13:00 – 02:00 Uhr
SO 10.4. | 13:30 – 22:00 Uhr

Free admission