White On White (DE)


The multimedia performance WHITE ON WHITE is based on Samuel Beckett’s 1966 text “Ping”, the stream of consciousness of a person who seems locked in a white room. Within approximately 900 words of Beckett’s text, most of which are notated without punctuation marks, the word “white” appears more than ninety times. Compulsively, the flow of thought returns again and again to fixing of the body and limbs. WHITE ON WHITE is not a staging of the text but a translation from the medium of language into the categories of space, cinematic image, and sound.

The Berlin collective „._mootpoint“ comprises artists from a wide range of disciplines. In their pieces, the group work in the fields of performance, interactive installation, and multimedia and deal with the relationship between the virtual and the real as well as with theories of body and space.

Composition, Music: Fanis Gioles | Space, Video: Anna Syrianou, Jan Klammer | Dramaturgy: Dimitra Thomaidou

With: Fanis Gioles, Performance

Location: Volksbühne – Sternfoyer

Duration: ca. 50 Minuten

Sa 9.4. | 17:00 Uhr

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A production by ._mootpoint. Supported by Musikfonds and Kulturstiftung des Bundes within the framework of their programme NEUSTART KULTUR.