Kollektiv International Totem (CH) MAPPING MUSIC THEATRE

The Hamster And The Dame


Among contemporary music ensembles, the Zurich-based “Kollektiv International Totem” is one of the most curious. One evening the young trio interprets a composition by Péter Eötvös with virtuosity – the next they leave their instruments at home, as they do here, and venture into wild theatrical adventures.

THE HAMSTER AND THE DAME shifts the myth of the manmurdering Medusa into the milieu of a brothel and a shared flat of Zurich musicians. Rapid cuts mix Internet snippets with shots, some filmed with a mobile phone, that take us up to the alpine pasture or into the kitchen and bathroom of the ensemble – the film characters and private figures of the actors almost indistinguishable. Stoically, the actors counteract the film with absurd actions on stage, simultaneously providing it with a live soundtrack. An unusual and funny evening that thwarts both musical and dramaturgical expectations.

Stage Dircetion, Composition: Léo Collin Sound Direction: Leandro Gianini

With: Léo Collin, Performance | Kay Zhang, Performance | Nuriia Khasenova, Performance

Location: Volksbühne – Saal

Druation: ca. 70 Minuten

So 10.4. │ 20:30 UHR

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A production by Kollektiv International Totem. Supported by the City of Zurich, Canton of Zurich.

Guest performance supported by Pro Helvetia