Steffi Weismann



With her solo works as a performance and sound artist and as a member of the “Maulwerker”, Steffi Weismann has been one of the pioneers of new music theatre since the 1980s. “Experiencing resonance”, both in the musical and social sense, is the theme of this performance. Out of a state of paralysis and isolation, will and strength grow inducing a new departure. A barrier to the audience must be overcome before the world is made to resound anew.

Performance, Composition: Steffi Weismann | Sound Design, Composition: Elif Gülin Soğuksu
Location: Volksbühne – Sternfoyer

Duration: 20 Minuten

FR 8.4. │ 18:30 UHR


Free admission.

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A production by Steffi Weismann. With the support of Villa Aurora and Thomas Mann House