Project Wildeman



The will to take risks is a constant theme in music theatre from the Netherlands. For Project Wildeman nomen est omen. The Amsterdam troupe gained recognition with ritualistic performances, in which their four wild men act with excessive physicality. Although they haven’t lost any of that energy, the have opened up in the meantime also for contemplative moods of expression. The two-part evening begins with the classical Wildeman performance WOEKERPOLIS from 2012, which is centering on the wild man in the jungle of business life.

Wildeman’s newest program, NACHTVLUCHT (Night Flight), on the other hand, is a hypnotically meditative concert ritual that leads the audience into the trance state of an interstellar journey of sound. After our planet has become uninhabitable, humanity embarks on a journey into the darkness of space. Sounds of the urban outside environment are transmitted live into the theater hall, mixing with traditional musical instruments and modern electronics.

Concept, Voice, Electronics, Percussion, Performance: Robin Block | Sven Hamerpagt | Maarten Vinkenoog | Milan Mes

Location: Volksbühne – Großes Haus

Duration: ca. 90 Minuten
> One intermission

So 29.9., 21:00 Uhr

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A production of Project Wildeman. Guest performance supported by Dutch Performing Arts, an initiative of Performing Arts Fund NL