In an echo chamber one hears little, this, however, enormously amplified. Social media have a similar effect: opinions expressed are carried back in a hundredfold amplification while everything else remains silenced.

ECHO CHAMBER MUSIC follows the idea of a scenic collage on the border between concert and performance, which has served the ensemble DieOrdnungDerDinge to develop their very own form of theatre. In a playful way, musical and social levels of the echo chamber penetrate each other. For one time, even the distressing question of whether the quacking of a duck does actually have no echo isn’t left out but investigated intensively, at last. The various multimedia compositions that are intertwined in this show take place in a theatre space with flaps created by Cathy van Eck. It reveals the sum of its functions only in the complete course of the evening.

Concept: Cathrin Romeis | Stage: Cathy van Eck | Musical Direction: Iñigo Giner Miranda | Set Design: Ángela Ribera | Light: Catalina Fernandez | Dramaturgy: Franziska Seeberg | Music: Alvin Lucier, Carola Bauckholt, Tom Rojo Poller, Iñigo Giner Miranda, Oscar Escudero

With: Iñigo Giner Miranda, Voice, Performance | Mari Sawada, Violin, Performance | Cathrin Romeis, Violoncello, Performance, | Meriel Price, Saxophon, Performance

Location: Volksbühne – 3. Stock

Duration: ca. 60 Minuten

Sa 28.9., 21:30 Uhr
So 29.9., 16:30 Uhr

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A production of DieOrdnungDerDinge. Supported by Berliner Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa and Musikfonds aus Mitteln der Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien