Björnsson / Marx



It stays unclear where we actually are here. Three people meet on stage, conflicts quickly break out between them. Situations change rapidly. Secretly everyone here seems to have something to mourn. From ever changing perspectives all seems to be connected to the story of Orpheus, his attempt to win back, to revive something that has been lost.

For this piece, some top-class members of the Berlin scene have come together on a project-related basis. REPLAY is a composed theatre that combines elements of spoken drama and music with astonishing ease. Where language no longer copes with a situation, music takes its place – Gluck’s »Orfeo ed Euridice« is the musical material that provides the foundation. REPLAY is at the same time an appropriation of the Orpheus myth. Stranded in a world of everyday routine in which everything seems dead and gone, the characters long to return to a lost state that once stood at the beginning for all of them.

Stage Direction: Thorbjörn Björnsson | Text and Dramaturgy: Julia Marx | Music: Tobias Christl, Evdoxia Filippou, Christoph Willibald Gluck

With: Thorbjörn Björnsson, Tobias Christl und Evdoxia Filippou , Instruments, Acting, Performance

Location: Acker Stadt Palast, Ackerstraße 169

Duration: ca. 90 Minuten

Do 26.9., 20:30 Uhr
Sa 28.9., 21:30 Uhr

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A production of Björnsson / Marx 2018 in collaboration withSchlossplatztheater Berlin Köpenick. Supported by Bezirksamt Treptow-Köpenick von Berlin, Fachbereich Kultur