Derossi & Celestino



Unusual circumstances coincided to bring about DUO CON PIANO. In its own form of musical theatre, this project must therefore remain unique. Derossi and Celestino met each other on the Internet and were amazed to discover that they had much in common. Not only are they dancers, both are also accomplished pianists. And while they also come from the same Italian city, their professional career has since taken each of them abroad.

There is nothing on stage but one grand piano. Soon it is set into motion and becomes the partner of a furious Pas de Trois. Everything – on the instrument, around the instrument – is interaction between fingers and feet. It is almost too easy in this virtuoso piece to forget about the fact that it focuses on the connections between two biographies, raising questions about demarcation between the arts, about stereotypes of man and woman, about being at home and away from home, all of which both felt alone with before their encounter.

Concept, Dance, Performance, Piano: Annalisa Derossi | Gianfranco Celestino

Location: Volksbühne – 3. Stock

Duration: ca. 60 Minuten

Do 26.9., 20:30 Uhr
Fr 27.9., 21:30 Uhr

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Eine Produktion von Derossi & Celestino, Theater Esch/Alzette, CAPe Ettelbrück und Kulturbetrieb der Stadt Aachen