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Lonely Hearts Bus Tour

Vehicles of public transport are stages of drama and present a microcosm of urban life – as in LONELY HEARTS BUS TOUR, a journey into the lonely heart of Berlin. The group Opera Lab Berlin around Michael Höppner and Evan Gardner has become known in the Berlin music theater scene with projects in which instrumentalists appear with equal virtuosity also as actors. Opera Lab’s bus trip responds to the rapid changes that the city is undergoing, focusing in particular on the area of ​​the festival in Berlin-Mitte and its transformation from a lively oasis of alternative culture to the monotonous shop window of the global brand Berlin. Electronic beats (the melancholic heartbeat of the city) give the pulse of this cardiogram, which, by sound, noises, pictures and texts, leads into Berlin’s lonely heart and the lonely hearts of Berlin.

Composition: Evan Gardner | Stage Direction: Michael Höppner | Musical Direction: Antoine Daurat | Costumes: Isabelle Kaiser | Lightdesign: Gustav Kleinschmidt | Video: Nastasja Keller | Carpenter: “Lenny” Christian Hinum | Makeup: Martin Rink | Director Assisting: Anna-Sophie Weber | Production: Laila Kühle | Trainee: Cecilia Nercasseau Gibson

With: Gina May Walter (Night Clubbing), Sopran | Alba Gentili-Tedeschi (Driver), Keyboards | Shin-Joo Morgantini (Hostess), Flöte | Antoine Daurat (Guide) | Georg Bochow (Berliner Bär)


21.09., 17:00 (premiere)

22.09., 16.30

23.09., 16:00 und 18:00

Location: Koppenplatz 2-3

Duration: ca. 60 Minuten

> The performances sold out! Free entrance! Limited places! Please sign in at: ticket@bam-berlin.org. Per person two tickets can be reserved. For rest places please come to the box office before the performance.

Friendly supported by:
Mojavari Gallery
Koppenplatz 2
10115 Berlin-Mitte

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A production of Opera Lab Berlin and „BAM! – Berliner Festival für aktuelle Musiktheater”