Daniel Kötter/ Hannes Seidl

Land (Stadt Fluss)

What will become of rural spaces if it is cities that mark the future of our planet? Composer Hannes Seidl and stage director and filmmaker Daniel Kötter work together on multi-part projects of music theatre that bring everyday life onto the stage. Like the first part of their trilogy “Stadt Land Fluss” (which was dedicated to life in the cities), “Land” also transports outside space into the interior while addressing the stage as a place of temporary coexistence of performers, musicians and audience. For their project Kötter/Seidl moved to a rural commune between Frankfurt and Cologne, took time there to make music, setting up their own rules and thinking about the future. From the countryside they now pull back to the theater and transfer the farm’s everyday life for five hours onto the stage of Sophiensaele. The audience gets to be resident of this farm – a place to work, eat, read, watch movies and take time to listen. What will become of the city if it’s the countryside that marks the future of theatre?

Artistic Direction: Daniel Kötter, Hannes Seidl | Stage and Costumes: Elisa Limberg | Artistic Production: Mariam Kamiab | Libretto: Johann Pastuch | Collaboration Libretto: Nafise Fathollahzadeh | Collaboration Film: Maximilian Bamberg | Production: Anka Belz / ehrliche arbeit – freies Kulturbüro

With: Paul Hübner, Trumpet | Elsa Scheidig, Trumpet | Andrew Digby, Trombone | Gabriel Trottier, French Horn | Ona Ramos, French Horn

Location: Sophiensæle (Festsaal), Sophienstraße 18

Duration: 5 hours / Later entrance every 30 minutes – For visitors, who would like to visit other performances the same evening it is possible to enter the show multiple times at one evening!


21.09., 18:00, Later entrance every 30 minutes

22.09., 18:00, Later entrance every 30 minutes

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A production of Kötter/Seidl in coproduction with “BAM! – Berliner Festival für aktuelles Musiktheater”, Künstlerhaus Mousonturm and Alte Oper Frankfurt

Supported by Kulturamt der Stadt Frankfurt am Main

Thanks to Schaefer Kalk