Katharina Haverich / Christopher Hotti Böhm

He Wolf / She Man

Katharina Haverich’s works feature processes of ongoing metamorphosis, while centering on questions of physical identity and emotional devastation. HE WOLF / SHE MAN leads to a gloomy playground of male-female relationships. Man and woman remain mysterious and uncanny to each other. Their wordless encounter is determined by suppressed fears and desires. The two performers appear as collaborators, offering themselves to each other, being at the same time the subject and object of a seemingly endless chain of physical treatments between tenderness and violence. Heavy sounds of organic and machine-like character structure the transformation processes, determine dynamics and atmosphere.

Concept, Design: Katharina Haverich | Composition, Machines: Christopher Hotti Böhm | Programming: Holger Heissmeyer

With: Katharina Haverich | Christopher Hotti Böhm

Location: Acker Stadt Palast (Keller), Ackerstraße 169/170

Duration: ca. 60 Minuten


20.9., 21:30 (premiere)

21.9., 21:00

22.9., 16:30

> The location is limited to 20 persons and is not accessible for disabled people. The situtation in the venue is cramped, no seats are offered and the performance is improperly for children and young people.

A production of “BAM! – Berliner Festival für aktuelles Musiktheater“

The first phase of development in March 2017 was enabled by a residence program of AADK Spain

Supported by fleetstreet Residenz, Goethe-Institut, Rudolf Augstein Stiftung and Hamburgische Kulturstiftung