François Sarhan

Gestern und Morgen – Die Wahrheit über die Villa Elisabeth

After several years of research into the history of Villa Elisabeth, François Sarhan brought to light a flood of surprising discoveries. Among other things, the biography of the politician Ursène Astrapende was revealed, who was born here in 1907 (or, according to other sources, in 1908) and influenced European politics from the old parish hall for decades in a kind of shadow government. The most astonishing result, however, remains that most of the functions of today’s villa are still controlled from hidden rooms in the basement. Divided into small groups, the audience wanders through several rooms while discovering the true history of Villa Elisabeth with the help of headphones, videos, loudspeakers and the musicians.

Direction, Cconcept, Text, Video, Music: François Sarhan | Sound Design: Daniel Weingarten | Light: Christian Spratte

With: Eunoia Quintett – Johanna Greulich, Sopran | Stephen Menotti, Trombone |
Ellen Fallowfield, Violoncello | Clemens Hund-Göschel, Piano | Janina Ahh, Performance

Location: Villa Elisabeth, Invalidenstraße 3

Duration: ca. 60 Minuten


22.9., 20:30 (premiere)

A production of Eunoia Quintett and “BAM! – Berliner Festival für aktuelle Musiktheater“

Supported by Deutsch-Französischer Fonds für zeitgenössische Musik / Impuls neue Musik

Commissioned by Eunoia Quintett with financial support of Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung