Dorfkneipe International

Global Class investors are in the starting blocks – last night at the “International”, a smokers’ bar in Berlin-Mitte! Once again the counter opens, then another chapter of Berlin’s (sub)culture will be history. How can we say goodbye? Drinkers, neighbours and curious people gather for the last supper, drink, keep quiet and smoke. The mourning program runs under the thumb of an obscure a cappella trio. Two regulars don’t let the atmosphere get spoiled: Shit, that it’s over. Berlin is lost, but raise the glasses! Right before it’s extinction, freedom is greatest.

In their work, glanz&krawall shatter the protective mechanisms of the opera and theater apparatus and dig into the rubble of reception history. They are looking for a music theater that tells something about the world in which we live and about the one in which we could live. The history of the Z-Bar, founded in an occupied house, and – next to KuLE and Acker Stadt Palast – one of the few remaining places that still tells of the free Berlin of the early nineties, serves as a model for the evening.

Concept: glanz&krawall | Direction: Marielle Sterra | Composition/Arrangement: Christian Kühn | Dramaturgy: Dennis Depta | Stage and Costumes: Kim Scharnitzky | Video: Matt Wolny

With: Katrin Geisler, Sopran | Luise Lein, Mezzosopran | Aylin Winzenburg, Mezzosopran | Kara Schröder, Actor | Christopher Heisler, Actor | Gabrielle Scharnitzky, Special Guests

Location: Z-Bar, Bergstraße 2

Duration: ca. 90 Minuten


21.9, 19:00 (premiere)

A production of “BAM! – Berliner Festival für aktuelles Musiktheater”