Kirsten Reese / David Wagner

Berlin Rosenthaler Platz

In joint site-specific works, Kirsten Reese and David Wagner devote themselves to the enactment of urban space by the means of music theatre. Everyday events are superimposed with text, historical sound documents and composed music. Layers of memory mix, allowing the present to be experienced as a fleeting moment within incessant change. BERLIN ROSENTHALER PLATZ extends the resources of the audio-walk with live elements to create a portrait of this square in the very centre of Berlin, social focal point in the 19th century, centre of ​​Jewish life in the 1920s, while also emembering GDR and reunification. Through headphones, the audience not only receives instructions on routes and places to stay, but also requests for their own actions.

Concept, Text, Music, Sound, Direction: Kirsten Reese and David Wagner | Assistant Costume: Katrin Hieronimus | Assistant Production: Evelyn Saylor

With: Sirje Viise, Sopran | Daniel Gloger, Countertenor | Charlotte Müller, Spreaker |
Johannes Suhm, Speaker – and the voices of the authors

Location: Starting and final point of the tour is the Buchladen Ocelot, Brunnenstraße 181.

> Knowledge of german language required.

> Please be for getting your audioplayer minimum 15 minute before the start at the location. The tour includes long footwalks and is not accessible for disabled people.

Duration: ca 75 minutes


21.9., 17:00 (premiere)

22.9., 16:30

22.9., 18:00

A production of Kirsten Reese and “BAM! – Berliner Festival für aktuelle Musiktheater”

Supported by initiative neue musik berlin e.V.